When I was 8, during the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, I didn't lose only my parents and most of my family members, but I also lost 3 teeth and left with a huge machete scar on my face.

Egidio Farone together with likeminded doctors: Dr. Frank Andolino and Dr. Chen brought my smile back after 25 years. My case was very complicated, it required orthodontists, dentists, surgeons, and dermatologists.

They approached my case with integrity, they treated me with patience and care. They did a tremendous job. In 2.5 years the results are beyond my imagination. I now enjoy my favorite food chewing by both of my jaws the experience that hasn't had for the last two decades.

This service would have costed me hundreds of thousands of dollars, with their generosity, they offered me the whole package as PRO BONO service. I have experienced the worst inhuman act, but you have shown me how generous humanity should be. Once again, thank you.

Eliane Mukayisenga

I have been seeing Dr. Farone for more years than I can recall. He is a skilled doctor who makes his patients feel at ease. His office is gorgeous - a Penthouse with a large outdoor balcony - in case you have to wait, it's lovely to do so in the Spring and Summer outside with a gorgeous view of Manhattan.
I have never waited more than 10 minutes for him and while his prices are quite high, I feel it's worth it to have great dental work. You only get one set of teeth, after all.
Dr. Farone is a lovely man and a great dentist.

Violet S.

I have not seen Dr. Farone in many years because I relocated out of Manhattan. I just saw a new dentist in my new home town of Atlanta. She raved about a cap that Dr. Farone put on more than 15 years ago. She said, several time, "That is some really good dentistry there." Don't know if Dr. Farone is still active, but those were words of high praise. Worth posting.

Jonathan O.

Dr. Farone is a phenomenal dentist! His staff, especially Rita at the front desk and Natasha, the hygenist, are all great and professional. I am a mature woman who has been in a dentist for decades and believe me, I've had some horrific dentists in my lifetime. I've also had some ok dentists, but horrible staff. This guy is the real deal. He just uncovered a hidden infected root canal while doing a routine physical. During covid, their regularly clean and gorgeous penthouse office is spotless! I felt totally safe. I hope that my dental plan allows me to keep him foreve

Vic L.

Dr. Farone has been my dentist for 20 years. He is excellent, professional and friendly, and he does beautiful work. He’s the best!

Cannot recommend Dr. Farone enough for any of your dental needs. I’ve never felt more comfortable in a dentist’s chair. Courteous staff, flexible scheduling and great work. Highly recommend!

Allyson Trayah

Excellent, kind and compassionate. And he's a very good dentist, the best I've been to. He and his staff are kind and compassionate. The office is nice and clean and has a great outdoor patio.

Diane Hill

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